To Update Your Brand, Upgrade Your Brand Experience

August 24, 2023

Some may think that changing a company’s branding is as simple as changing its name. In truth, a brand is multi-faceted and goes far beyond just a name, logo or tagline. 
Think of some of the most relatable and successful companies, such as Apple, Amazon,LVMH and hospitality brands. They leave consumers with a unique “feeling” only their particular brand can provide. Because every touchpoint with consumers is crafted with intention to reflect the DNA of the organization, branding encompasses not just sales and marketing, but customer experience and customer service — literally every person in an organization.

If you’re an Apple devotee, and suddenly it changes its name to “Apex” or replaces its logo with an all-blue iteration tomorrow, would it change how you consider it to be a pioneer in innovation, creativity and simplicity? Most likely no. That’s the power of branding.   

Creating a truly successful brand takes time and has many layers that are developed from the inside out. Often, rebranding efforts fall short because despite a shiny new façade, the day-to-day customer experience remains unsatisfying or frustrating. All are things you need to keep in mind when trying to change the feeling customers associate with your name.