Threads: What you should know about the latest social platform

July 24, 2023

Threads is the new text-based, conversational social platform from Meta – the makers of Facebook and Instagram. Threads co-opts the functionality of Twitter while engraining some of the layout and design features that Instagram users are familiar with using.  
Why and how? 
Meta is striking while the iron is hot. Taking advantage of what seems to be never-ending upheaval at Twitter, Meta offers users a seamless transition to Threads. Instagram users are required to carry over their same handle and can also import their bio & links straight from their Instagram page. New Threads users are given the option to mass-follow all the same accounts they follow on Instagram… yes, your coveted verified badge aka the “blue check” carries over to Threads, too.  
Will it catch on? 
Seems so. Mark Zuckerberg reported that Threads saw over 5 million new joins in the first few hours after launch, and 10 million new joins just 10 hours after launch. The barrier to entry is low for Instagram’s existing users because of the seamless signup and UX/UI we mentioned. Giving users the option to cross-pollinate their audience from Instagram to Threads eliminates the need to build a new audience organically from scratch, which is one of the pain points of joining a new social network. It’s estimated that Instagram will reach 2.5 billion monthly active users worldwide by the end of 2023 – if only a fraction of these users join Threads, Meta will be able to declare the launch an objective success.  
Should my business/brand get on Threads? 
Typically, for brand safety reasons, we recommend securing your handles on a new social network ASAP so that someone else doesn’t “brand squat” on your name. No worries on that here, your Instagram handle will carry over automatically to Threads. However, one of the best ways to learn how to create and publish great content on any social platform is to be a fluent user. We recommend you join threads to start to get a feel for the platform.   
Okay, we’re on. Now what? 
Spend 15-30 minutes a day exploring the platform as a user first. See what users are publishing, learn how the platform works, identify patterns in popular posts, and start to let the wheels turn on how your brand may benefit from a presence on Threads. Whether or not Threads is a natural and meaningful fit for your brand long-term requires a little more analysis and conversation. Book a Threads Talk with Oxford’s social media experts. We can start the conversation about what Threads means for you, formalize a POV for your organization, and talk next steps on a formal Threads strategy.  
More to come… 
Stay tuned! Oxford’s social team will be providing regular updates on Threads as we navigate the opportunities on this new social network together.