Tech Tips to Prep Your Company for one of Hurricane Sandy’s Relatives

April 28, 2016

Whether predicted or unexpected, natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy often strike quickly and leave a trail of devastation in its wake – including in the digital ecosystem. As our civilization becomes ever more dependent on digital connections, it is essential that companies are always prepared especially in times of crisis.

From lessons we’ve learned in the wake of Sandy, here are a few basic tips to ensure your company is ready when and if a natural disaster barrels down on your business.

  • Have a Paper Trail. Ensure all essential documents and information (i.e., employee and client contact information) are available offline. Encourage employees to print any necessary materials to take home ahead of the impending emergency.
  • Know Where Your Servers Are. Some of the largest corporations and websites were knocked down during Hurricane Sandy – even the Huffington Post. It is crucial to know where your server is and have a solid web hosting contingency plan in the event that your server goes down, even if this means using a cloud back-up service.
  • Electronic Solutions. Be aware of available electronic preparations. Many face power, internet and phone outages during disasters and often times rely solely on their mobile device. Proof is 10 photos per second were uploaded to Instagram with the #sandy hashtag. Make sure employees have back up cell batteries Wi-Fi hotspots, back-up batteries, among others.
  • Disengage Auto-posting and Email. With the growing number of social platforms available, companies often turn to automation tools to ensure content is updated in an efficient manner. It is in the best interest of the company to turn off all auto-posting in light of a disaster to ensure content is appropriate and sensitive to the situation.
  • COMMUNICATE. Communication is crucial – whether via phone, email, text or social media. Ensure all employees know the modes of communication available to them in case of an emergency. This will keep you in touch with employees and clients and keep work moving.

If you have a strong contingency plan in place, it will help you and your team work together Brilliantly, productively and effectively.

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