Retail as Theater

April 24, 2018

Well, they did it. Nordstrom successfully launched their new flagship men's store at Columbus Circle the weekend of April 14 and 15. Bringing the energy of the outside world into the store is what the major accomplishment was. A DJ, a photo booth, free haircuts, wine, Olympian celebrities — they had it all.  

It felt like you were entering a happening. People were browsing, shopping and spending money on bricks and mortar retail. This was the Grand Opening weekend and some of this buzz will naturally fade, but what will remain is a groundbreaking venture of both convenience and customization — two very important elements of the "new retail" equation.  

The store is highly edited (think Barney's with warmth) and very well thought out.  

A sales associate bragged that there was more designer fashion in this location than any other Nordstrom. A special partnership boutique with Levi's includes an on-demand and customized embroidery station. There’s a coffee bar for customers to recharge, refuel and shop some more. A speedy package pick-up and drop-off is available (think Amazon meets brick and mortar). Artwork mixed with merchandise gave that curated, got-to-have-it feeling, and strategically placed videos reminded you to embrace that outdoor adventure you daydream about – and, hey, the perfect outfit is right in front of you! Oh, and if that wasn't all enough, let's harken back to old-time retail with a shoe shine station to polish off the whole experience.  

Nordstrom made it great to feel good about retail again. Congratulations!