Oxford Presents a Night of Branding with David Morey

April 28, 2016

On April 24th, Oxford held a meeting of the minds for distinguished guests representing a variety of industries, featuring guest speaker David Morey, branding consultant and author of “The Underdog Advantage.”


Among the world’s most exotic and prestigious automobile makes and models at Interstate Motorsport in Pennington, NJ, Morey led the evening’s guests in a stimulating conversation about branding and the importance of reputation management.



Here are a few words of wisdom taken from the event:

  • 40% of a brand comes down to its CEO; the rest is business and marketing.
  • Any great brand is different, special, better – you’ve got to be different or else be damned.
  • Ride the wave of change – never let your business remain stagnant.
  • The secret to being a successful, unstoppable entrepreneur is to love what you do and never stop.
  • The best thing to be is an insurgent incumbent – always be playing offense.
  • And, of course, good advice from one of Morey’s own clients: “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” – Steve Jobs


David Morey Speech from David Morey on Vimeo.