The 2021 Model is Here

March 4, 2021

Almost a year ago, Oxford went into virtual office mode. We were hoping against hope, along with the rest of the world, that weathering the lockdown would be like an extended hurricane party. We imagined the day we would all emerge from our bunkers to greet the sun and go back to normality. But COVID inevitably found its way to our corner of the world. It touched the Oxford family and has had a profound effect on our lives. And that was just the pandemic. Who could have foreseen what else the past year would bring?

But a funny thing happened on the way to 2021…

The ball started bouncing our way. We became AOR for a major brand in the higher education category. We were chosen by an international pharma company. We’re growing and hiring, using our new insights about working virtually to meet talent where it lives. We’re expanding our digital offering. Right now we’re launching a global digital campaign and doing work for a top consumer product with household brand recognition. We’re even going to bat with the Somerset Patriots, the New York Yankees Double-A Affiliate.

We owe it all to our amazing team, who has worked harder and smarter than ever before, sometimes while praying to the WiFi gods to endow us with faster internet. Even in the darkest moments of the past year, we stuck together and found ways to do what seemed insurmountable. Now, Oxford’s 2021 model is here, more powerful, advanced and maneuverable than ever before. Although we can’t always see around the corner, there’s not a doubt in our minds that we can handle whatever the road ahead has in store.