The World According to Google

October 8, 2018

As of August 2018, Google no longer allows new accounts to use HTML5 ads in their Google Display Network campaigns until they meet a spend threshold of $9,000 and are over 90 days old. While this change currently does not affect existing accounts, it is a definite red flag outlining Google’s policy direction for the future.

As your marketing partner, Oxford has researched these changes and the potential impact they will have on both new and existing Display campaigns. Animated Display ads can be created using a format called AMPHTML (Accelerated Mobile Pages). This new format is currently favored by Google as it allows images to load significantly faster and doesn’t have any of the prerequisites for approval that now exist with HTML5 ads.

Oxford’s creative team has experience working in this format and is creating all new animated ads in this format for new accounts. Given the clear trajectory of Google’s policies, it is recommended that you reach out to your account manager to discuss the right course of action for your business which may include upgrading your existing creative to the new format.

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