Finding your new marketing cadence

June 18, 2020

Wait. Hurry up. Wait. Hurry up. While the pandemic has brought entire economies to a grinding halt, there are critical events happening that change everything in an instant — and demand change from nimble brands. A public health announcement. A Governor’s order. A social movement. A competitor’s move. How do you drive change without getting too far in front of the curve? We have a few simple guidelines.

• While no one can see around the corner, we can predict the most likely scenarios, and plan accordingly. Have multiple messages at the ready and be prepared to activate any one of them quickly.
• Look to streamline internal review workflows in advance. Every hour and day matters when working to get into market. Your best ideas may die on the vine if they’re not cultivated in time.
• No one is able to get out and do high-end video production right now; some of the best work is coming out of basements and creatives get more creative and shift the emphasis to quality of the concept. Stay nimble and get into market before the ground moves beneath you again.