Finding Your Brand Voice

January 23, 2019

Everyone is so focused on a brand's mark, icon and colors associated with it as if that is the brand essence. While it is important, it doesn't live alone. Think of a brand like a person — like yourself. It is great that you dressed for your debut, but what is your (brand's) voice?  Do you have one?  Is it playful, fun, serious, informational, empathetic, humble? Does it map back to your target audience and what is resonating with them? Your brand voice should express the personality of your brand. And like a personality, if you do not spend time defining it, your competition will define it for you. For example, if Apple had not said at the very beginning "Think Different," would they be the powerhouse brand they are today? Much has been written recently about their market share and $1 trillion market cap, but go into any Apple Store and you will see they are packed with consumers. Apple's brand voice resonated with consumers in 1984 and continues to do so because they cultivate it. So, you are probably thinking, "Apple is a great product with millions in advertising to get their brand voice out. What can I do?" You can have the superior product or service, but if you are not nurturing and innovating your voice constantly, you are abdicating a very important part of your brand to your competition. Especially in today's marketplace, where there are so many channels and opportunities for you to define it. Find your voice. Speak up. It is a big part of your brand. Own your own channels and get the word out at every opportunity through content marketing.