Direct Mail is Alive and Well

June 21, 2023

Direct mail is a form of marketing that most would assume is a thing of the past. So why send a letter when you can send a digital message at lightning speed? The truth is, mailing your marketing message can have a surprising impact in today’s market. Snail mail, or dinosaur mail as it’s sometimes referred to, may take longer to reach the recipient — but its downturn in use can be turned into an advantage for savvy marketers.

Digital Marketing Fatigue
Most consumers today are on the defensive when it comes to digital marketing. They face an onslaught of persuasive ads at every touchpoint of their digital day. Email, social media, even their search results are full of ads and they can become immuned to all this digital noise. Direct mail, on the other hand, has become an unflooded channel. A creative direct mail piece will get noticed due to the lack of competition.
People Have to Check Their Mailbox Everyday
Important and time-sensitive documents, magazines and packages are still sent by mail. People have to check their physical mailbox every day, which means there’s an opportunity to get your message noticed. Email messages, on the other hand, can be easily skipped over — intentionally and accidentally.  

An Impressive Response Rate
It might surprise you to learn that direct mail response can be as high as 5.3%. This means that over 1 in 20 people who receive your direct mail advertisements may respond — especially if you provide them a quick online option like scanning a QR code or entering a discount code in an online order.

Combine Direct Mail with Digital Channels
In order to make the most of your direct mail, of course, you need to make responding easy. Make sure to pair your direct mail campaign with options to take digital action. Your audience still lives on their computers and phones, making online orders and/or doing their research online. Give them easy-to-type websites to visit, scannable QR codes, or simple discount codes that can be used through your website or app to complete the transaction. This is the best way to use direct mail to get the attention of your audience while inspiring more modernized online customer conversions.

Unlock the Potential of Direct Mail Marketing with Oxford Communications
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