Digital Comes Into Its Own

April 2, 2020

We knew that digital was the future. What no one expected was just how quickly it would become the lifeline of business in a world turned upside-down by COVID-19. While the situation remains fluid, we believe there are some key questions every brand should be asking itself right now. [more]

What do our customers need — truly need — right now? How can our brand be there for them, from emotional support to essential products and/or services?

How can we leverage our digital channels such as social media, email, SMS and website communications to stay connected and provide authentic value?

Are we listening to our customers? Are we speaking with the right voice?

How is the customer’s relationship to our brand likely to change in the next three months/six months/year?

How might the way we do business fundamentally change after the crisis passes?

The playbook for COVID-19 is being written as we speak by all of us. This is a time to partner with your business and marketing brain trust to develop strategies, contingency plans and agile processes that will help your brand remain vigilant, prepare for the unexpected, and activate programs accordingly.