Cinematic Storytelling

April 28, 2016

Oxford’s new in-house video production practice is driving content strategies.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bucks County (BBBSBC) experiences brand confusion. More often than it would prefer, individuals and organizations mistake the non-profit for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. It’s an honest mix-up. Both organizations perform outstanding service with local children, their families and their communities, but when it comes time to raise awareness and much-needed donations, brand clarity is a vital commodity.

“That’s where video can play a powerful and discerning role,” says Sean O’Grady, Oxford’s Communications Strategist and Director of the company’s new video production practice. “In less than 90 seconds, a viewer will not only understand the organization’s mission, but also feel the impact of its generosity.”

The BIG Difference Maker – Joey’s Story

This fall, Oxford Communications teamed with BBBSBC to create three brief video vignettes to support the organization’s annual fundraising gala. Upon completion, one of the videos was immediately placed on the non-profit’s Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn channels to motivate followers to attend the event. So far, the content strategy appears to be working.

“The video has been up for a day, and it’s already helping us sell tickets,” said Ursula Raczak, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bucks County. “We’ve received online comments and shares as well as phone calls from our volunteers and supporters praising the video and the emotionalism behind its story.”

Results like those mentioned above are what motivate Oxford’s video production team. “It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it that matters,” states O’Grady. “That’s why we call ourselves video storytellers. We’re not just editing together shots. We’re taking great care to capture emotions and connect them with audiences. Otherwise, we’re just pixels on a screen.“

Under Sean’s direction, Oxford has quietly produced over 40 video stories in 2015 ranging from television commercials to short and stylized social media clips. Other examples of Oxford’s recent video storytelling work include the below promotional commercial for a new retail outlet center in Fargo, North Dakota.

Fargo Outlets at Timber Creek:

Interested to learn more? Contact Sean O’Grady at (609) 397-4242, ext. 139 to discuss video storytelling options. Also, please visit the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bucks County Facebook page for additional information on it annual gala taking place Friday, November 13.