Part III. Your Soul Story: Breathing Life Into Your Core Values

April 17, 2018

My past two posts have touched on exploring the core values that your brand shares with your customers. Because these shared values come from a place that is genuine and true, they have the power to create an emotional connection and trust. So how do you articulate these things that express the soul of your brand—what you are all about, all the time?

Companies often distill their values down to words like “quality,” “service,” “innovation” and “excellence.”  Without greater context, these words alone sound overused or insincere. That’s where a brand story comes into play.

Not every brand has a colorful back story like Steve Jobs’ Apple, Tom’s of Maine, Ford or Tesla. For most brands, the story can take on many shapes and forms. The most important thing, however, is to be authentic. Your customers will see right through anything less.

At Oxford, we could have told the story of how we went into business for ourselves, and grew the business from a basement to today’s headquarters on Music Mountain. Ultimately, we decided to express the soul of our brand through a more timeless credo we call the “The Brilliance Code.” Because the Brilliance Code speaks to both our staff and clients, it leaves no doubt as to the core values we aspire to share in all of our relationships. Like us, our language has focus and energy. It looks not to the rear view mirror, but the horizon.

  • Be strategic. Exercise thought before action.
  • Be respectful. Follow the golden rule, always.
  • Be creative. Innovate, don’t emulate.
  • Be responsible. Take ownership. Be accountable.
  • Be passionate. Give it everything, every day.

Your Soul Story should be unique to your brand. In my next article in this series, I’ll share how the soul of your brand can and should be present in all aspects of your business, from your product or service, to your community.