Part I. Why Should They Care

February 13, 2018

Walk around almost any office in any industry in any city and you’ll more than likely hear executives pouring over a very seemingly simple question: why?  

In 2014, Simon Sinek’s 18-minute “Why?” TED Talk sent an existential shockwave around the business world.

To many brands, this question can be daunting. However, it is essential to finding the truth that resonates with consumers: identify the shared value that your brand has with your consumers and you’ll understand exactly why they care.

Let’s take Tom’s, for example. Their slogan addresses why their customer should care by poignantly intersecting both of their shared values: “Every purchase has a purpose.” At the most basic levels, Tom’s and their customers believe both in doing good for and right by others.  They sell a stylish, comfortable shoe to their customer and donate a brand-new pair of stylish, comfortable shoes to someone in need. This act of caring is the ultimate win-win.

As an advertising, marketing and digital agency, we specialize in helping our clients define their why. After all, our job as product development and marketing specialists is to get consumers to care. That is the only way we are going to move the needle on product sell-thru.

But here’s the bottom line: we are all consumers and consumers are smart. We are time- and attention-starved. We see through slick packaging and ad speak and want to engage with brands who are genuine. 
Since identifying and understanding the importance of shared value doesn’t happen overnight, I will be dedicating a series of posts to this topic. Like any concept there are steps and considerations to be addressed – including a certain level of vulnerability and humility – so I hope you’ll find these thoughts, actions and exercises useful.