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Chuck Whitmore

Oxford is excited to announce the newest members of our growing team.

Jules Abraham, Director of Digital Integration

Jules leverages her 15 years of experience acquired in top tier ad agencies to take the helm as Director of Digital Integration. She applies deep analytical awareness to a traditional arts background to develop high-impact media campaigns and marketing ecosystems for complex industries. Jules' background includes international eComm & magazine sales, luxury retail for brands presenting at New York and Brooklyn Fashion Weeks, and pharmaceutical marketing.


Westley Hackmann, Account Supervisor
A seasoned marketing professional with 10+ years of agency experience, Wes rejoins Oxford as Account Supervisor. Wes is experienced in B2B, Retail, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical, Destination/ Travel & Tourism, Auto Insurance & Lighting industries. Wes has been the driving force behind the vision, innovation and development of key marketing strategies that consistently deliver results.