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Brilliance Blogger

In March, Oxford’s leaders were invited to present at the College & University Public Relations and Associated Professionals (CUPRAP) Professional Development Conference. At CUPRAP, our president and CEO, John Martorana, Christopher Ledford, SVP, Strategy and ECD, and Stefanie Rumpf, Director of Communications, shared their insight, wisdom and experience in internal communications planning with more than 180+ attendees.  

“In any internal communications plan, you simply must begin with understanding your consumer,” Ledford told the group. “While we are covering our strategy, the fact of the matter is that there is no one-size-fits-all plan. Each plan is unique and must be crafted and catered to meet your organization’s specific audience and specific needs.”

The presentation included: strategies for identifying key audiences and communication platforms; goals and standard timeframes for disseminating messages, ranging from emergency to casual announcements; tactics and content strategies to help establish a consistent voice and creative ways to increase audience engagement; and the importance of tracking and reporting your efforts to ensure the effectiveness of your system.