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Chuck Whitmore

16.1 million people — a combination of cable viewers and subscribers to HBO’s streaming services, HBO GO and HBO NOW— tuned into the Season 7 premiere of HBO’s epic series Game of Thrones. From a marketing perspective, we’re captivated by the fact that 16.1 million consumers were essentially unreachable by advertising during that window. At the same time, HBO’s coup proves the point that content is the undisputed king in its ongoing war among rival media and entertainment “houses.” 
Who will come out on top? Networks, studios and other content creators are scrambling to garner eyeballs and subscription dollars by delivering the most compelling programming across multiple devices. As marketers, our challenge is to connect with consumers through related content that makes brand messages every bit as meaningful and valuable. As the ground continues to shift beneath digital and traditional distribution channels, our ability to leverage data with speed and agility will be key to delivering that content where the consumer lives.