A Look Back on 2012

April 28, 2016

As we wait to ring in 2013, it is hard not to look back at the whirlwind year of 2012. New clients, new faces at Oxford, traditional Oxford events, hard work leading to success, becoming a stronger team due to Hurricane Sandy and the devastation it left in its path … and the list goes on.

Enjoy below as Oxfordites share with you the best moments from Oxford Communications in 2012.

Kristina Cvecich: Oxford Olympics, specifically how all of the teams really got together to show their “Oxford pride”.

Chuck Whitmore: I'll remember 2012 for the incredible team effort and resourcefulness that got us through the challenging days after Hurricane Sandy.  

Jamie Victor: My favorite Oxford moment of the year was during the Oxford Olympics, when we were outside announcing the teams. We got to the team Purple, and Carolyn stepped into the middle of the circle and started singing "Purple Rain". Everyone got really quiet as she started to sing. It was very touching, since she has such a beautiful voice and everyone "shut up" to listen.

Stefanie Rumpf: I haven’t been here that long, but my favorite moment at Oxford in 2012 was the surprise bridal breakfast party that was thrown for Jordyn and I. It was so incredibly nice of everyone and it was a delicious spread … my first real taste of how much Oxford loves food!

Karin Suttmann: I have two favorite moments – both from Oxford Olympics. The first was Carolyn randomly breaking out into a 799 rendition of “Purple Rain”, the second was driving up to the office the day of the Oxford Olympics and seeing the Green Team takeover of everything. So fun.

Jim Brazell: My favorite moment from Oxford 2012 was during Hurricane Sandy and seeing the only damage was the Oxford mule outside tipped over (don’t worry he has made a full up-right recovery).

Braden Young: My favorite moment of 2012 was how we all pulled together during Hurricane Sandy … especially in the social media world.

Kate Concannon: My favorite moment of 2012 was moving upstairs with my fellow content folks in a beautiful and, most importantly, quiet copy nook.

Judi London: My favorite moment was the surprise moving day. It was all hands on deck and it happened.

Maria Tagle: Kim dressing up as Santa Claus before our holiday party and handing out gifts to Oxford staff. So funny!

Jordyn Rudolf: Best moment of 2012 was how we all came together during Hurricane Sandy and worked at the New Hope firehouse so we had Internet access. None of us skipped a beat, it was true teamwork.

John Forberger: My favorite moment was seeing John M.’s commitment and excitement during the Oxford Olympics.

Jen Zandier: Breakfast Club 2012 has been the best year yet. All of the teams got very creative and made some delicious spreads for us.