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Lambertville isn’t the first place you’d expect to find a next-gen marketing agency. We don’t have traffic jams and smog. We don’t arrive at the office with white knuckles or race out the door to be at the front of the gridlock.

We don’t pay a gazillion dollars for rent and build it into our fees. What we do have are great views, trees and space for blue sky thinking sans car horns and sirens. Once a year we declare the office closed for the indoor/outdoor spiritpalooza called the Oxford Olympics. Clearly, we breathe different air.


We have history. Our HQ has been called Music Mountain since it was a venue for emerging stars like Stevie Wonder, Louis Armstrong and the Supremes. Some say creativity is in our soil. (We’re not a Superfund site, though.) Regional, national and international brands call on us...right here in Lambertville. Imagine that.


The Brilliance Code


Our mantra is to Be Brilliant... in our actions, interactions, thoughts and words.


Be strategic. Exercise thought before action.

Be respectful. Follow the golden rule, always.

Be creative. Innovate, don’t emulate.

Be responsible. Take ownership. Be accountable.

Be passionate. Give it everything, every day.